Who is Page Turner

Page Turner is an American copywriter and translator who is at home in Austria, Germany & Switzerland. Specializing in text and DE-EN translations for tourism clients.

Ich möchte Ihre Geschichte erzählen.

What is a Page Turner

It’s a story so good, you can’t put it down. Die Seiten drehen sich selber.

A page turner is always a Best Seller. If your English Text and Translations have page-turning power, you win the race — every time!

Work with Page Turner

Easy. Relaxed. Fun. Gönnen Sie sich das Beste. You’re worth it.

„If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur“ Red Adair

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Der Teufel steckt im Detail: A poor translation is like Cinderella with bad hair. Don’t let this happen to you.

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This German to English blog translation lets guests know more about the region, culture and philosophy of the hotel. Authentic, real and interesting is what people want to read. Hier der Link zum Ziller Seasons [...]

Nordic Gourmet

This American ski tour company wanted text that would sell nordic ski tours in Austria, Norway, Quebec and New England. And that’s what they got.   […]

Das Posthotel

What a gorgeous 4**** hotel in Zillertal, Austria. This 95-page booklet was a labor of love. Like many great Austrian hotels, The Post Hotel represents the creative and cutting edge spirit in European hospitality.   […]


No one can bike and barge like the Dutch! Page Turner wrote all the travel copy for this Amsterdam-based company. Great folks who appreciate good writing.   […]

Page Turner Roadtrip

How I met my boss at Munich Airport

Munich Airport 2014, 7:15 am I just got dropped off and have an hour to kill waiting for my KLM flight to Amsterdam for the company meeting. I’ve been staying with colleague in Munich, helping [...]

Frog Face

“It’s time to start the ceremony,” says our guide. She’s soft-spoken, patient and beautiful. Six of us initiates are gathered in our usual hang-out spot—the glassed-in terrace that opens up to lush green rolling hills [...]

The Lion on the Beach

The birds are chirping away, happy and proud of their melodies. In my half-awake state I imagine a Disney scene where animated birds pull the covers back, straighten out my flip-flops near the bed and [...]

Jungle Soak – Hot Springs Nirvana in Costa Rica

It’s not just any normal river that roars through the jungle…It’s a hot river. The water is heated inside the magma-filled belly of the earth and gushes toward daylight at the base of the Arenal [...]

Page Turner Feedback

Mehr als „nur“ übersetzen: Bei Page Turner merkt man, dass hier eine muttersprachliche Profi-Texterin am Werk ist. Wir schätzen die unkomplizierte und zügige Zusammenarbeit. Klare Empfehlung für Projekte, bei denen Übersetzungen nicht nur Pflicht, sondern Kür sein sollen!
Solid&Bold, Salzburg Werbeagentur, Solid&Bold
Kristin has a special way of putting my thoughts into words. She is quick, funny, intelligent and does her research. I could not think of a better way to get my new business going. She definitely knows what she’s doing!
BikePlanet, Netherlands, bikeplanet
Wenn wir die besten englischen Texte oder Übersetzungen brauchen, gibt es nur eine, der wir 100% vertrauen: Page Turner
hundredpercentfree.com Werbeagentur, Salzburg
So versatile and creative. Page Turner channeled the spirits of the desert to bring our Ranch to life. We have a website that reflects who we are.
Rose Valley Ranch, New Mexico